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Annual Report on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas in Japan FY 2008 (Summary)

Cover and Table of contents(PDF:164KB)

Key messages of the 2008 Annual Report(PDF:29KB)

Measures aimed to resolve the "tainted rice" scandal, and recovering consumer confidence in food safety(PDF:92KB)

Topical subjects during the year 2008(PDF:144KB)

1. Measures to secure the food supply capacity in Japan

2. Measures to create employment in rural areas

Chapter I:Feature stories: boosting the food supply capacity by making the full use of paddy fields 

Section 1: International prices of crude oil, grains, and soybeans and their effects on consumers and farmers(PDF:208KB)

(1)Food price increase and consumption trends

(2)The affect of rising prices of agricultural production materials and the response to it

Section 2: Boosting demand for domestic agricultural products and promoting agricultural production based on demand(PDF:633KB)

(1)Raising the food supply capacity and the food self-sufficiency rate by making the full use of paddy fields

(2)Increasing rice consumption including the promotion of the use of rice flour

(3)Improvement of the feed supply capacity and the feed self-sufficiency rate

(4)Promoting agricultural production on the basis of demand

Chapter II: Major trends in food, agriculture, and rural areas 

Section 1: Improvement of food supply capacity and the food self-sufficiency rate, and the stable supply of safe food(PDF:1,973KB)

(1)Global food situation and agricultural trade negotiations(PDF:1,973KB)

(2)Improvement of the food supply capacity and the food self-sufficiency rate

(3)Ensuring food safety and consumer confidence

Section 2: Strengthening the structure of agriculture and bolstering high-added values(PDF:1,774KB)

(1)The current state of agricultural economy

(2)Securing of farmland and agricultural water, and utilization of farmland

(3)The current state of farm labor force

(4)Fostering and securing of principal farmers

(5)Various actions taken for strengthening the structure of agriculture and the bolstering of high-added value

(6)Situation of the promotion of measures for resources and environment

Section 3: Revitalization in rural areas and the promotion of co-existence and interactions(PDF:1,074KB)

(1)Present state of rural areas

(2)Initiatives toward the conservation and upgradation of rural resources

(3)Revitalization of rural areas via the collaboration among the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors

(4)Actions for creating employment in rural areas

(5)Revitalization in rural areas through the promotion of co-existence and interactions

2008 : Measures for food, agriculture, and rural areas(PDF:82KB)

Basic indicators on food, agriculture and rural areas(PDF:112KB)



Full text(PDF:7,617KB)



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