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FY2009 Annual Report on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas in Japan (Summary)

 Cover and Contents(PDF:23KB)


Special Topic : A big change to a New Agriculture Policy(PDF:227KB)

  1. Past food, agriculture and rural areas policies
  2. A New Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas Basic Plan

Topic : Implementation of the pilot program for direct payment of income support

Chapter 1 : Toward improving the Food Self-Sufficiency Ratio and establishing Food Security(PDF:381KB)

  1. World food situation and trends in agricultural trade
  2. Trends in Japan's food self-sufficiency ratio and efforts to improve the ratio
  3. Establishment of comprehensive food security
  4. Trends in agricultural trade negotiations

Chapter 2 : Ensuring Sound Diets, Food Safety and Consumer Confidence(PDF:297KB)

  1. Food consumption and food industry trends
  2. Dietary issues and the promotion of "Shokuiku" (food and nutrition education)
  3. Ensuring food safety and consumer confidence

Chapter 3 : Toward the Sustainable Development of Agriculture(PDF:1,143KB)

  1. Trends in domestic agricultural production
  2. Trends in farm management and situations of farm and farmland supporting agriculturalproduction
  3. Action to increase agricultural income
  4. Action to expand the participation of women in society
  5. The activities of elderly farmers
  6. Actions to support sustainable agricultural production
  7. Research and ethnology development

Chapter 4 : Toward Revitalizaton of Rural Areas(PDF:659KB)

  1. Current State and challenges of rural areas and local communities
  2. Maintaining community functions and conserving regional resources and the environment
  3. Promoting the "Sixth Industry" to revitalize agriculture and rural areas
  4. Exchanges between urban and the rural areas and human resources development


Summary of FY2009 Measures for Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas(PDF:194KB)

ANNEX : Major Points of the Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas Basic Plan



Full text(PDF:6,743KB)




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