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CCASIA FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia

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Welcome to the website of the FAO/WHO Coordicating Committee for Asia (CCASIA).

CCASIA is one of the Regional Coordinating Committees established by Codex Alimentarius Commission, which has 23 Asian Member countries as of 2014. The main objective of CCASIA is to promote mutual communication among the Asian members as well as to develop regional standards for certain food products. Since its beginnings in 1978, CCASIA has been working under the purpose of the Codex of protecting the health of the consumers and ensuring fair practices in the food trade.

Japan has been acting as the Regional Coordinator for Asia since July 2011 and hosted the 18th Session of the CCASIA in November 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. Also, the 19th Sesion of the CCASIA will be held in November 2014 in Tokyo.

This website provides the basic information on Codex and CCASIA and detailed information on the 18th and 19th Sessions of the CCASIA.

Japan, as the Regional Coordinator for Asia, welcomes your active participation in the activities of CCASIA.

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