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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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FAO/WHO Training Workshop on Understanding Regional Standards

CCASIA FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia

Tokyo, Japan - 4th November 2012


Session I: Introduction

  1. Welcome and Introduction(PDF:289KB)
  2. Role of the Coordinating Committees (PDF:847KB)
  3. Coordinating Committee for Asia(PDF:462KB)
    • Terms of Reference for CCASIA
    • The Regional Strategic Plan

Session II: Regional Standards

  1. How to prepare and submit proposals for new work(PDF:640KB)
    • Procedures and steps
    • Existing criteria for consideration as a regional standard
    • Issues to consider when elaborating new proposals
      • Regional priorities
      • Data requirements for regional standards
      • Volume of trade of the food product, market value, distribution, etc
      • Others
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Open discussion (Facilitator – FAO/WHO)
  4. Examples of activities related to regional standards to guide the discussion

Session III: Group Exercise

  1. Working group exercise to identify topics of common interest, that are suitable for development of regional standards  4 groups (PDF:366KB)
  2. Presentation to the plenary of the 4 groups discussions (8-10 min each)
  3. Open discussion (Facilitator – FAO/WHO)
    • Identification of possible topics for regional standards
    • Identification of challenges in developing sound proposal on the identified topics
    • Identification of solutions to overcome these challenges (including possible collaborations among countries)
  4. Conclusions



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