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CCASIA FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia


(1) Overview


  • Plenary Session: November 3 (Monday) - 7 (Friday)
  • Physical Working Group on non-fermented soybean products and on the Strategic Plan for the CCASIA 2015-2020: November 1 (Saturday)
  • Workshop (TBA): November 2 (Sunday) 


IINO Confefence Center 4F (2-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0011)

Provisional Agenda

Provisional Agenda(PDF:63KB)






November 1 (Saturday) Physical Working Group (9:30- 13:00)  Physical Working Group (14:00- 17:30) 
November 2 (Sunday) Workshop (9:30- 13:00) Workshop (14:00- 17:30)
November 3 (Monday) Plenary Session (9:30- 12:30) Plenary Session (14:00- 17:00)
November 4 (Tuesday) Plenary Session (9:30- 12:30) Plenary Session (14:00- 17:00)
November 5 (Wednesday) Plenary Session (9:30- 12:30) Plenary Session (14:00- 17:00)
November 6 (Thursday) Field Trip (9:00- )* Field Trip (- 17:00)*
November 7 (Friday) Plenary Session (10:00-)  

* Field Trip: Visit to a supermarket and its Quarity Contral laboratory. CCASIA participants only (up to 80).

(2) Meeting Documents

Working Documents


Item Subject Matter Reference
1 Adoption of the Agenda CX/ASIA 14/19/1(PDF:63KB)
2 Matters Arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other Codex Committees  CX/ASIA 14/19/2(PDF:67KB)
3 FAO/WHO Activities relevant to the region, identifying priorities and capacity development needs

CX/ASIA 14/19/3(PDF:240KB)

CX/ASIA 14/19/3 Add.1(PDF:63KB)

4 Revitalization of FAO/WHO Coordinating Committees- proposals on strengthening the role and platform of RCCs CX/ASIA 14/19/4(PDF:74KB)
5 Comments and information on national food control systems, consumer participation in food standards setting and the use of Codex standards at the national level (replies to CL 2014/21-ASIA) CX/ASIA 14/19/5(PDF:99KB)
6 Draft Regional Standard for Non-Fermented Soybean Products (N06-2005) REP13/ASIA App. III
  - Comments at Step 6 (replies to CL 2013/18-ASIA) CX/ASIA 14/19/6(PDF:174KB)
  Discussion Paper on (i) the classification of "compressed soybean curd" and (ii) the food additive provisions for "composite/ flavoured soybean milk" CX/ASIA 14/19/6 Add.1(PDF:159KB)
7a Proposed Draft Regional Standard for Laver Products (N14-2011) CX/ASIA 14/19/7(PDF:549KB)
  -  Comments at Step 3 CX/ASIA 14/19/7 Add.1(PDF:158KB)
7b Proposed Draft Code of Hygienic Practices for the Street-Vended Foods (N05-2013) CX/ASIA 14/19/8(PDF:221KB)
  - Comments at Step 3 CX/ASIA 14/19/8 Add.1(PDF:57KB)
8a Status of implementation of the Strategic Plan for the CCASIA 2009-2014 CX/ASIA 14/19/9
8b Draft Strategic Plan for the CCASIA 2015-2020  CX/ASIA 14/19/9 Add.1(PDF:126KB)
9 Discussion Paper on Edible Crickets and Their Products CX/ASIA 14/19/10
10 Codex issues relevant to the region CX/ASIA 14/19/11
11 Nomination of the Coordinator CX/ASIA 14/19/12(PDF:66KB)
12 Other business  
13 Date and Place of Next Session  
14 Adoption of the Report  

Conference Room Documents (CRDs)

CRD No. Title Agenda Item
CRD 1(PDF:165KB) Discussion Paper on Development of a Regional Standard for Makgeolli 12
CRD 2(PDF:103KB) Discussion Paper on Development of a Regional Standard for Samgyetang 12

(3) Registration

The names, official titles and addresses of the representatives or observers should be sent through online registration by 3 October. Online registration is accessible at: http://www.codexalimentarius.org/login. Instructions for login and registration can be downloaded from the website.

Alternatively, the names, official titles and addresses of the representatives or observers designated to attend can be sent to the Host Secretariat of the Committee (Email: ccasia@nm.maff.go.jp, preferably) with a copy to the Secretariat, Codex Alimentarius Commission, Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153 Rome, Italy (E-mail: codex@fao.org).

(4) Workshop


(5) Accommodation


(6) Access

1. Transport from Airport to Tokyo Station

(1) From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

- About 80 minutes by limousine bus (Airport Limousine: 3,100 yen), stopping at Tokyo Station Marunouchi Exit and Yaesu South Exit, Hotel Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Yaesu Fujiya Hotel, and Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo 

- About 60 minutes by train (JR Line Narita Express: 3,030 yen)

(2) From Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station

- About 40 minutes by limousine bus (930 yen), stopping at Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit

- About 30 minutes by train (Keihin-Kyuko Line: 580 yen) or monorail (Tokyo Monorail: 640 yen)


2. Access to the venue

For those using Metro train, the nearest station to the venue is "Kasumigaseki Station." The Exit C3 is the nearest exit to the venue. Marunouchi-Line (Red), Hibiya-Line (Gray), or Chiyoda-Line (Green) stops at Kasumigaseki Station. 


CCASIA Secretariat:
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