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Cook simply!! This is the best way to maximize the delicate flavor of "Wagyu" Japanese beef.

A photograph of the sukiyaki


This Japanese dish is well known outside of Japan. Cooked in a sweetened soy-sauce broth, sukiyaki is a favorite of both the young and the old.

The “Wagyu” Japanese beef with marbling fat goes well with the light, zesty soy sauce base. The broth brings out the juiciness of the meat, and blended with the sweetness of the sugar, it creates an unforgettable mellow flavor.

A photograph of the shabushabu


Low calorie and light on the palate, shabushabu is popular among celebrities abroad. Wafer-thin slices of “Wagyu" Japanese beef are dipped into a simmering konbu (kelp) broth and cooked for a few seconds. Shabushabu is best when eaten rare.

The fat in the “Wagyu” Japanese beef melts at a low temperature, so merely dipping the slices into the simmering broth just for a few seconds brings out the flavor of the meat without damaging its texture.

A photograph of the steak


This is the most famous dish on beef in the world. Steak prepared using “Wagyu” Japanese beef is exceptionally flavorful. “Wagyu” steak is perfectly compatible with any sauce you may choose, but we highly recommend trying it with wasabi sauce if you have.

We also recommend simple seasoning such as salt and pepper as well as wasabi. “Wagyu” Japanese beef is uniquely suited to this type of simple seasoning. Because “Wagyu” beef does not have any unwanted aroma, you can enjoy its pristine meat flavor.

A photograph of the Chinese cuisine

“Wagyu” Japanese beef is perfect for Chinese cuisine as well

Needless to say, “Wagyu” Japanese beef also goes very well with various meat dishes. Adding “Wagyu” Japanese beef will enhance the taste and flavor of many dishes. Enjoy it at home or in a restaurant.

Every country has its traditional cuisine which is a product of the creativity and ingenuity of ancestors. The “Wagyu” Japanese beef produces a wonderful harmony with such traditional local cuisine. Enjoy it to your heart’s content, the delicious new world of “Wagyu” Japanese beef.