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Overseas TV program introduces Japanese food

"Those were the Tastes"(Hong Kong)

TV channel: i-Cable Entertainment Channel
Program introduction:
“Those were the tastes” is a program that combines food contents and the background from where products and food featured in the programs come from. The hosts take the audience with them to restaurants, shops and historical sites. In addition, Master Ko (the main caster) prepares traditional dishes and dim sum in every episode to introduce the origin of various cuisines. The program visited Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan and covered various seafood and other local fruits and vegetables. ?- Official website: http://ent.i-cable.com/cen/catv/taste.php

i-Cable Entertainment Channel

On-air schedule

Every Saturday from 10:00pm (One hour program)
This is a weekly TV program and their visit to Japan was aired for four consecutive weeks as a series from December 5th to December 26th, 2009.

Food ingredients introduced in the TV program


Inquiries about Aomori apple
JA Tsugaru Hirosaki (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)
509-1 Azawaseda, Godai, Ooaza, Hirosaki City
Tel: +81-172-82-1050

Apple Park
125 Azaterasawa, Tomita, Shimizu, Ooaza, Hirosaki City, Aomori
Tel: +81-172-36-7439

Japanese sake

Rokka Brewery Co., Ltd.
217 Toyoda, Mukaitonoseaza, Ooaza, Hirosaki City, Aomori
Tel: +81-172-35-4141


Inquiry about scallops:
Hiranai City Fishery Association
91-53 Asadokoro, Ooaza, Hiranai City, Higashi-Tsugaru District, Aomori
Tel: +81-17-755-4111

Inquiry about the Scallops Theme Park:
Hotate Square
56 Kagikake, Tsuchiya, Ooaza, Hiranaimachi, Higashi-Tsugaru District, Aomori
Tel: +81-17-752-3220


Inquiry for the markets, fishing port and squid of Hachinohe:
Hachinohe City Industrial Promotion Department / Tourism Section
FAX: +81-178-46-5600
e-mail: kanko@city.hachinohe.aomori.jp

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