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Food Labeling for Fresh Foods

Labeling of Fresh Foods

Labeling methods and items for fresh foods are provided by the following quality labeling standard. Fresh foods include plant products, livestock products and fishery products:

(a) Quality Labeling Standard for Fresh Foods;(PDF:39KB)
(b) Quality Labeling Standard for Fishery Products; and(PDF:23KB)
(c) Quality Labeling Standards for Brown Rice and Polished Rice.(PDF:77KB)

Labeling Items for fresh foods

Category Corresponding labeling standard Items
Plant products other than rice (a) (1) name; and (2) place of origin
Rice (c) (1) Name, (2) brown rice used as ingredient,
(3) content weight (4) date of polishing; and
(5) name, address & phone number of distributor
Animal products (a) (1) Name, (2) place of origin
 Fishery products (a) (1) Name, (2) place of origin
(b) (3) mention of “defrosted” for frozen products
(4) mention of “cultured” for cultured products

For the background for the recent revision of January 2008 concerning the wider application of the Quality Labeling Standard for Fresh Foods, please refer to Review of JAS.