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MAFF UPDATE No.699 (Published on JULY 18, 2008)



Number 699
JULY 18, 2008

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International Research Strategies

   On May 20, 2008, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council has formulated "International Research Strategies: Targeting International Research Reflecting Recent Changes Surrounding Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries". The strategies firstly clarify the recent movements surrounding international research and regional issues mainly for developing countries, and then present important research topics and cross cutting policies for promoting international research.


1.  Background

   In September 2003, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council formulated the "Guidelines for Promoting International Agricultural Research: Japan’s Challenge for Solving Food and Environmental Issues" for international research activities. The guidelines clearly showed Japan's basic views to the promotion of international research activities. However, considering the large changes in the worldwide situations in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, such as the recent global food situation and emerging global warming, the Council has newly formulated an "International Research Strategies" to be tackled by the governmental and university research institutions in Japan, in addition to the present "guidelines".

2.  Outline

(1) Recent Movements Surrounding in International Research

Tightening global food supply and demand
Emerging global warming
Growing concerns over food safety 

(2)  Important Research Topics


Enhancing the productivity of NERICA
Developing drought resistant crops using DREB genes


Improving food safety technologies
Utilizing unused biomass resources

[Global Environmental Issues]

Developing technologies for mitigation and adaptation for global warming

(3)  Cross Cutting Policies for Promoting International Research

Strengthening the frameworks for promoting international research
Human resources development


The following statistics are available from the Statistics Planning Division of the Statistics Department (Tel. 03-6744-2037).


  1. Index Numbers of Commodity Prices in Agriculture, May 2008.
  2. Statistics on Chicks Hatched, May 2008.
  3. Prices of Lumber, June 2008.
  4. Monthly Statistics on Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables, May 2008.
  5. Statistics on Marketing of Fisheries Products in Consuming Areas, May 2008.
  6. Statistical Survey on Farm Management and Economy,2007.(Statistics on Production Cost of Potatoes)
  7. Statistical Survey on Farm Management and Economy,2007.(Statistics on Production Cost of Sugar Beets)
  8. Summary of Survey on Marketing of Fishery Products in Landing Areas, 2007.
  9. Statistical Survey on Livestock (as of Feb.1,2008)
  10. Statistics on Production Cost of Soybeans, 2007. (Individual management)Statistical Survey on Farm Management and Economy
  11. Periodical Statistics on Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables, First 10 days of July 2008.


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