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MAFF UPDATE No.712 (Published on FEBRUARY 13, 2009)



Number 712
FEBRUARY 13, 2009

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Summary of Survey Results on Activities in Food Industry in 2007 (Survey on Domestic Business Places)

The survey data were nationwide figures estimated based on the results of sampling survey on purchase amount, etc. by food supplier in FY2006. The survey was conducted among business places in the food industry (food processor, food wholesaler, food retailer and food service industry) to clarify the actual condition of distribution channels and scales, etc. of each domestic and imported food in food production and distribution.


- Exports to Asia accounted for about 70 percent of the total in food industry –


[Outline of the survey results]

1  Trend of food import and export 

(1) Trend of food export 
In FY2006, the total exports of domestic food in food industry amounted to 328.6 billion yen, where 266.3 billion yen (81.0%) and 62.1 billion yen (18.9%) were accounted for by food wholesaler and food processor respectively.
Looking at destinations of exports, China accounted for 32.4%, the highest figure, and Asia region made up 68.9%.


(2) Trend of food import
 1) Of the total food imports of 4903.9 billion yen in food industry, food wholesaler amounted to 4520.9 billion yen (92.2%).
With regard to sources of imports, Asia region accounted for 37.2% (China made up 18.0% of the figure).




 Chart1  Food Import and Export Shares by Business Category (FY2006)

Chart 2  Shares of import and export market by business category (FY 2006)


 The statistical charts on these survey results are available in Excel format at the following URL.
http://www.maff.go.jp/toukei/sokuhou/data/kokunai2007/kokunai2007.xls】(Excel: 261KB)


2) Looking at imports by food item, processed food amounted to 2438.5 billion yen, 49.7% of the total, followed by fishery products at 939.9 billion yen (19.2%) and livestock products at 745.0 billion yen (15.2%).

Table 1  Exports by food item in food industry


2   Distribution channels for imported food

 Looking at each business category's purchase amount by supplier of imported food, food wholesaler is the top supplier, accounting for 71.9% of food processor’s, 92.1% of food retailer’s and 70.3% of food service’s amount of purchase.

Chart 3  Distribution channel for imported food (FY 2006)


The following statistics are available from the Statistics Planning Division of the Statistics Department (Tel. 03-6744-2037)

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  10. Index Numbers of Commodity Prices in Agriculture, December 2008.
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  15. Report of Survey on Trend of Price and Sales of Perishable Food, October - December 2008.
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