1.Revision of the import requirements for poultry and poultry meat from France


1. Brief summary of the 6th INWEPF Steering Meeting and Symposium


1. The 13th World Forestry Congress was held in Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic from October 18th to 23rd, 2009.


1. Lifting of the ban on importation of Colombian fresh mango, Tommy Atkins, and Vietnamese fresh fruit of Hylocereus undatus, a kind of dragon fruit


1.Notice of Drafting Activities for the Revision and Establishment of Official Standards under the Fertilizer Control Law

2.Session of the Subcommittee of the JAS Council to be Held


1.Summary of the Census Results of Fisheries 2008 (as of November 1, 2008)


1. Result of the Symposium “Think about the global food problems”


1. The Addition of New Technical Measures for the Import Plant Quarantine of Sweet Cherries from the United States


1. Session of the Subcommittee of the JAS Council to be Held. 


1.The test result of moldy foreign substances found in imported rice just before sale. 


1.FY 2009 (April 2009 – March 2010) Annual Plan for Surveillance and Monitoring on the hazardous food-borne chemicals and microorganisms is released

2.Notification of review of several types of Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) and Quality Labeling Standards


1. Forestry Output in 2007

2. Production of Tea in 2008 (Major producing prefectures)


1. The impact of growing demand for agricultural products as raw materials for biofuel on international prices of agricultural products


1. Session of the Subcommittee of the JAS Council to be Held


1. Summary of Survey Results on Activities in Food Industry in 2007 (Survey on Domestic Business Places)


1. Statistical Survey on Farm Management and Economy


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