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Relationship between Japan and ICID


ICID is the only organization in the world which can provide an exchange of information on the technology, organizations, administrations and systems related to irrigation and drainage, and has a certain amount of influence in international conferences on water such as the World Water Forum. Furthermore, in the field of agricultural and rural development it serves as an international contribution forum where Japanese technology can be provided.
Japanese government organized the Japanese National Committee of ICID based on a Cabinet decision, and it officially became a member of the ICID in 1951 shortly after its establishment.
Since then, we have taken a proactive approach to hosting activities, such as holding the combined 5th International Congress and 14th International Executive Council Meeting in 1963, as well as the 8th Asia Africa Regional Conference in 1989, both of which were held in Tokyo.
Currently (2009) the Japanese National Committee of ICID is dispatching specialists to 23 Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces, in addition to carrying out study and research activities.
Furthermore, in order to support Japan's ICID activities at the private sector level, the Japanese Association of ICID is formed from corporations, groups and individuals with irrigation and drainage technology.


Japan's ICID Activities ? Implementation system



Japanese National Committee,ICIDNew

( as of  December 2011 )

Name Organization Position Work Bodies
Mr./Dr. Yohei SATO

The University of Tokyo

Professor Emeritus



Soil and Water Management Lab, Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University Associate Professor WG-CROP    
Dr. Kazuaki HIRAMATSU Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University  Professor WG-SDTA    
Mr. Shinsuke OTA Japanese Society of Rural Development Engineers Chairman ASRWG WG-DRG  PSCPOA
Mr. Naomi KAWATA The Japanese Institute of Irrigation and Drainage (JIID) Chief Technical Advisor      
Mr./Dr./Prof. Masayoshi SATOH Institute of Agricultural and Forest Engineering, University of Tsukuba Professor WG-MIS    
Mr. Akira NAKAZAWA Sanyu Consultants Inc. Vice President PFC    



Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University

Junior Associate Professor

Mr./Dr./Prof. Nobumasa HATCHO International Development and Environment, School of Agriculture, Kinki University Professor WG-HIST
Mr./Dr. Takao MASUMOTO Research Team for Global Warming and Environment, National Institute for Rural Engineering, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Team Leader WG-CAFM EB-JOUR(Associated Editor)  
Mr./Dr. Kazumi YAMAOKA Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Science Research Coordinator TF-Fin WG-TRUE  
Dr. Akira IWAMOTO NTC International Co., Ltd.

President and CEO

Mr./Dr./Prof. Tsugihiro WATANABE Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Professor WG-CLIMATE    


Takanori NAGANO  

Department of Agricultural Engineering and Socio-Economics,Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Kobe University

Associate Professor WG-PQW WG-DROUGHT