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E-Newsletter: Vol. 5

PAWEES International Conference

International Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering (PAWEES) International Conference is going to be held with co-organization of INWEPF on 7and 8 September in Kyoto.
PAWEES was established under recognition of the importance to reevaluate paddy farming in terms of natural resources and materials cycle in basin level, and to build and disseminate a new system of science and technology that deals with water issues including issues of the environment, food security and poverty in incorporated perspectives.
In the conference, participants will present the latest study results and share information.
The purpose of the conference is to apply them to sustainable water management in paddy fields.

The conference will have three sessions:
1. Multi-functionality or externality of paddy rice production system
2. Integrated water management on paddy irrigation and drainage
3. Environmental conservation and food security through improvement of rice production system

INWEPF will co-sponsor the conference. On the behalf of INWEPF, Dr. Ryota Nakamura, the governor of WWC, who served as the chairperson at the preparatory meeting of INWEPF, will chair the report of session conclusion from all session chairs on the second day.

The schedule for the meeting is available at: http://www.maff.go.jp/e/nousin/kaigai/inwepf/i_news/pdf/paw_schedule.pdf(PDF:50KB)

Further information about the conference is available at: http://jsidre.or.jp/pawees2005/1stAnnouncement_e.pdf(PDF:51KB)

Further information about PAWEES is available at: http://pawees.net/

The Fourth World Water Forum (WWF4)

The new deadline of registration for the WWF4 session is 30, September.
As we indicated that the Japan INWEPF committee had started registration procedures for the session in the last E-Newsletter, and we have registered as the registration form below.
We welcome any advices about the contents in the registration form.
Your indication will be reflected to the contents in the session.

Further information about WWF4 is available at: http://www.worldwaterforum4.org.mx/home/home.asp

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