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E-Newsletter: Vol. 7

Virtual Meeting, "Multiple Benefits of Paddy-field Agriculture in Monsoon Asia"

Now we hold "Virtual Meeting", which is entitled "Multiple Benefits of Paddy-based Agriculture in Monsoon Asia" until October 14. The result of the meeting will be informed at the special session of the second steering meeting of INWEPF by the chairperson, Dr. David Groenfeldt.
Anyone who registers on our website can participate in the meeting. We expect that a lot of members who are interested in paddy farming in monsoon Asia will join us.

You can enter the meeting room from here: 


Baseline document for the virtual meeting is available at: Baseline document(PDF:5KB)

Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis Meeting for the 4th World Water Forum

Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis Meeting for the 4th World Water Forum organized by Japan Water Forum will be held on October 24 in Tokyo, Japan.

The purposes of the meeting are;

1. to synthesize the sub regional preparatory process in Asia and the Pacific for the 4th WWF;

2. to Finalize the "Regional Document" of Asia and the Pacific for the 4th WWF, and

3. to discuss the program of "Regional Day" at the 4th WWF.

Representatives from the sub-regional coordinators for Asia-Pacific region, beacons for the 4th WWF, 4th WWF Secretariat and water related stakeholders and organization in Asia and the Pacific are expected to participate in the meeting.

Outline of the meeting and registration form are available at: http://www.waterforum.jp/jpn/

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