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E-Newsletter: Vol. 8

Virtual Meeting on Multiple Benefits of paddy-field Agriculture in Monsoon Asia

We, Japan INWEPF secretariat, appreciate very much all your participation to the virtual meeting on Multiple Benefits of Paddy-field Agriculture in Monsoon Asia, which was closed at October 14. In number, we have had 86 topics, 243 posts, and participation of 152 members and all of them made the meeting exciting and fruitful. We believe this opportunity will bring us better understanding of water and ecosystem in paddy fields.
The conclusion of the meeting will be reported by Dr. David Groenfeldt, the chairperson of the meeting in coming Steering Meeting of INWEPF.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

You can enter the meeting room and check all comments from here:

INWEPF 2nd Steering Meeting and Symposium on the Water and Environment in Paddy Fields, November 2-4 2005, Seoul

INWEPF 2nd Steering Meeting and Symposium on the Water and Environment in Paddy Fields will be held at November 2-4 in Seoul,Korea.
At the first day, a symposium will be held with 2 sessions.
Session 1: Multi-Functionality and Environment in paddy Fields
Session 2: Integrated and Participatory Water Management in paddy Fields
At the second day,

(1) Each country will present country report about its experience and current situation on water and ecosystems in paddy fields.

(2) Special Session about 'Contribution to the WWF4' will be held.

(3) 2nd steering meeting will be held.

At the third day, participants can take part in Field Visit.
The results of this meeting will be reported in this E-Newsletter.

2nd Announcement of this meeting is available at: 2ndAnnouncement(PDF:1,913KB)