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E-Newsletter: Vol. 9

INWEPF 2nd Steering Meeting and Symposium on the Water and Environment in Paddy Fields, November 2-4 2005, Seoul

INWEPF 2nd Steering Meeting and Symposium on the Water and Environment in Paddy Fields was held on November 2-4 in Seoul,Korea.
Delegates from 14 member countries and 6 international organizations participated in the meeting. All events including symposium, special session and country report ended in great success. We appreciate your cooperation and support for the meeting.
For the contribution to the 4th world forum (WWF4), “The Message from INWEPF to WWF4” was discussed in the special session. Now the draft is under revision for finalization.
At the steering meeting, we reviewed and revised our Terms of Reference (TOR) and Strategic Action Plan 2005-2006 (SAP). In the revised TOR, clause 2.5 was added and clause 3.6 and 4.3 were modified. Concerning to SAP, the prioritized themes of the 2005-2006 INWEPF activities were arranged and other items were revised referring to the 2004-2005 INWEPF activities. You can see these revised basic documents from here,
TOR: http://www.maff.go.jp/e/nousin/kaigai/inwepf/i_about/tor2005.html
SAP: http://www.maff.go.jp/e/nousin/kaigai/inwepf/i_about/sap2005.html

For the 3rd steering meeting, the delegate of Malaysia expressed their willingness to host the meeting in 2006 and that was approved by all participating members.

Other related documents and photos of the meeting are uploaded on the INWEPF website.

The 4th World Water Forum

Toward the 4th World Water Forum, The Japan INWEPF secretariat registered INWEPF activities as local action.
Local action is a great range of experiences and actions that have been implemented at the local level in several regions of the world. Each topic session should present at least two local actions carried out by local actors.
So we registered INWEPF activities as one of good local actions in Asia-Pacific area, and it will be introduced in our topic session of the WWF4.
If you would like to review the local action, please refer to;
http://www.worldwaterforum4.org.mx/home/detalle_lact.asp?cve_local=1278&lan=    (This page is closed now)
We welcome any advices about the contents in the registration.
Your indication will be reflected to the contents about local action.
Further information of WWF4 is to be informed.