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E-Newsletter: Vol. 10

Topic session of INWEPF in the 4th World Water Forum

We are pleased to inform you that the topic session of INWEPF in the 4th World Water Forum is formally approved. The session will take place at March 20, 2006.
As informed in this newsletter several time, INWEPF had been preparing to hold a topic session in the 4th World Water Forum (WWF4), and we received official approval of our session from WWF4 Mexico Secretariat.
Our session was approved with suggestion to be held jointly with other sessions which have similar or same theme as ours, and International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage Asian Regional Working Group (ICID ASRWG) proposed to contribute to our session. ICID ASRWG is the member of INWEPF and they are interested in paddy-based agriculture, so their participation will make our session more fruitful. Detail of program of the topic session is under consideration consulting with ICID ASRWG.

The outline of topic session which has already registered is available at:

Please note that the outline does not reflect ICID’s participation.

Message from the INWEPF to WWF4

INWEPF is going to dispatch the message, "Water systems for rice are a keystone to sustain life and ecosystem" in WWF4.
At the special session in the INWEPF 2nd steering meeting and symposium, we discussed the contents of this message. After the meeting, some of participants of the special session gave advices on the draft message. With all your advices, INWEPF Japan secretariat has finalized the draft.

The final version of the message will be released in the INWEPF topic session in WWF4 to be dispatched to all over the world.
The message from INWEPF is attached to this news letter, so we will be glad if you kindly check it before WWF4.
Further information on the WWF4 is available at:

Message from the INWEPF to Mexico(PDF:27KB) 

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