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E-Newsletter: Vol. 11

Topic session of INWEPF in the 4th World Water Forum and Registration procedure

It is closing in upon an opening of the 4th World Water Forum.
As informed in this newsletter in several times, the topic session is going to be held under the joint auspices of INWEPF and ICID ASRWG from 16:45 to 18:45hrs on March 20.
Members who make plans to join the WWF4 but have not completed registration have to register at WWF4 website immediately. Though the deadline of registration is March 3, we recommend early entry because valid passport number is required on occasions that you participate in from outside of Mexico.
It would be highly appreciated if a lot of members join the session.

You can register to WWF4 from here:

http://www.worldwaterforum4.org.mx/home/regmex.asp     (This page is closed now)

Exhibition of INWEPF Japan on the World Water Expo in the 4th World Water Forum

The World Water Expo will take place during the 4th World Water Forum. Water related companies and associations can exhibit and make an appeal of their activities and net working at there.
Japan INWEPF Secretariat is going to exhibit in the Japan pavilion in the Expo, so that introduce multi-functionality of paddy agriculture in the Asia monsoon region to the visitors from all over the world, making best use of this opportunity, WWF4.
Moreover, Japan INWEPF Secretariat created and will distribute leaflet and brochure to make visitors recognize INWEPF and its activity. In addition, we gathered photos of beautiful canals in Japan and made a calendar which can appeal functionalities which agricultural water expresses, such as landscape conservation effectively. We will also distribute this in the Water Expo.
PDF files of these distributions are hanged on the INWEPF website.
We will welcome any visitors to INWEPF booth at World Water Expo, so please take in if you join the World Water Forum.

INWEPF leaflet can be seen here:
INWEPF Leaflet(PDF:337KB)

INWEPF Brochure can be seen here:
INWEPF Brochure(PDF:1,567KB)

For details of the World Water Expo, please visit:
http://www.worldwaterforum4.org.mx/home/expo.asp?lan=   (This page is closed now)

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