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E-Newsletter: Vol. 15

Virtual Meeting is now open

It has already been informed, the Virtual Meeting of INWEPF has opened since August 21.
The keyword of the meeting in this year is "Efficient and Sustainable Water Use".
We expect that a lot of members, such as person and organization who are related to water will exchange information and discussion.

The result of the meeting will be reported in INWEPF 3rd steering meeting and workshop, September 17-19, 2006, kuala lumpur, Malaysia, by the chairperson, Dr. David Groenfeldt.

Anyone who registers on our website can participate in the meeting.
Please participate in the Virtual Meeting!

 Date :August 21 - September 1, 2006 (2 weeks)
 Chairperson :Dr. David Groenfeldt (Independent Consultant on Water Resources)
 Theme :Efficient and sustainable water use to address poverty alleviation and food security

(details here ; baseline document etc.)