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E-Newsletter: Vol. 17

1. The INWEPF 3rd Steering Meeting and Workshop "Rice Paddy: Now, Tomorrow and the Future"

Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the year's venue for the 3rd INWEPF Steering Meeting is scheduled on the 17 - 19 of September 2006. In conjunction with this steering meeting, a Workshop towards Development and Formulation of Action Plan (Good and Common Paddy Agriculture Practices) has scheduled to be held on the 17th September 2006. It is hoped that this workshop will contribute toward the articulation and agreement of a common vision and understanding for Paddy Agriculture Practices amongst the member countries. In addition, the result of the workshop will certainly improve further the use of water and other related resources in Paddy Agriculture Sector. (source:Malaysia Committee)

Virtual Meeting on Efficient and Sustainable Water Use To Address Poverty Alleviation and Food Security

We, Japan INWEPF secretariat, appreciate very much all your participation to the virtual meeting on Efficient and Sustainable Water Use To Address Poverty Alleviation and Food Security, which was closed at September 8. In number, we have had 49 topics, 176 posts and all of them made the meeting exciting and fruitful. We believe this opportunity will bring us better understanding and practice of efficient and sustainable water use in paddy fields. The conclusion of the meeting will be reported by Dr. David Groenfeldt, the chairperson of the meeting in coming Steering Meeting of INWEPF. Thank you very much for your cooperation. You can enter the meeting room and check all comments from here: http://inwepf.dc.affrc.go.jp/ (source:Japan Committee)

Introduction of the NARBO 4th IWRM Training Course in Sri Lanka

Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) will hold the 4th Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) training course on 6th - 10th November, 2006 in Sri Lanka. The theme of training course is "Water for all Lessons learnt and meeting future challenges", in which Sri Lanka's experience and various topics on IWRM in Asia will be discussed. Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka, the receipt organization of the training course, has enough experiences on the field of irrigation. Therefore, this workshop will be a meaningful opportunity for sharing information among practitioners. The due date of submission of the application is 15th September and your active participation is expected. (Details here ; Announcement and Application form.) http://www.narbo.jp/narbo/info/info_060802.htm (source:NARBO)    (This page is closed now)