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E-Newsletter: Vol. 18

1. The INWEPF 4th Steering Meeting and Symposium "Prosperity and Sustainability of Paddy Fields and Ecosystem"

The INWEPF 4th Steering Meeting and Symposium will be held at July 5-7 in Bangkok, Thailand. At the meeting, delegates of member countries and related international organizations assemble, discuss and exchange information on paddy fields. The overview of the meeting is shown as below.

Date :July 5-7, 2007
Location :Bangkok (Thailand)
Schedule :Keynote speach, Symposium, Workshop, field visit, Steering Meeting, etc.

  • The detail on the meeting can also be seen in below.

2. The INWEPF 3rd Steering Meeting and Workshop "Rice Paddy: Now, Tomorrow and the Future"

The INWEPF 3rd Steering Meeting and Workshop was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 17th to the 19th September 2006. INWEPF Malaysia hosted these events. The theme for this meeting and workshop is "Rice Paddy: Now, Tomorrow and the Future". A total of 42 participants from member countries attended. In the workshop, action plans for INWEPF was discussed and output was made up as "Kuala Lumpur Workshop Statement". In Steering Meeting, Report on INWEPF activities 2005-2006 as well as contribution to the 4th World Water Forum was presented. One of the remarkable output of the Steering Meeting is proposal of three working groups on "Multiple Roles of Paddy Fields","Vision, Policy and Information Dissemination on INWERPF activities and programs" and "Monetary Assessment and Value Adding in the Multifunctional Roles of Paddy Fields".

For the 4th steering meeting, the delegate of Thailand expressed their willingness to host the meeting in 2007 and that was approved by all participating members.

Further report by Malaysia Committee and related document can be seen in below.