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E-Newsletter: Vol. 21

E-Newsletter: Vol. 21. E-mail conference to prepare policy recommendations on water for development and ecosystems at the 1st Asia Pacific Water Summit

The Asia Pacific Water Forum (APWM) is the major high-level water Forum for decision makers in Asia and the Pacific and will organize the 1st Asia Pacific Water Summit in Oita Prefecture, Japan, in December 2007. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) and FAO are co-leaders for the Theme "Water for Development and Ecosystems" and are preparing a major review of the theme to identify priority and policy recommendations to the summit. An e-conference on the major review for Theme C of the Asia-Pacific Water Summit is being hosted at the e-network on Strategic Planning and Management of Water Resources in Asia and the Pacific website, at:


(extracted by Asia-Pacific Water Forum Website)

The e-conference is to provide input into the major review paper for water for development and ecosystems. Please take the opportunity to share your experiences and information for the major review by participating in the e-conference which commences on the 29 June and formally ends on the 9 July 2007. However the e-conference will remain open during the period of the major review.
To participate in the discussions on the website, you will need to register and obtain a login username and password, electronically, at the website:


Please also visit and contribute to the APWF preparatory e-forum on Monitoring Investment and Impact, managed by UNESCAP on the same website. Please also visit APWF's website ( www.apwf.org ) and find more information and contribute to the Water for Development and Ecosystems weblog at

http://www.apwf2.org/weblog/water.   (This page is closed now)   

For further information: Kate Lazarus ( kate@iucnlao.org ) and Thierry Facon ( thierry.facon@fao.org ).
(source: FAO)

2. INWEPF & ICID WG-SDTA Joint Workshop - Prosperity and Sustainability of Paddy Fields and Ecosystem, July 1-3, 2007, Seoul, Republic of Korea

INWEPF& ICID WG-SDTA Joint workshop was held in Rural Research Institute of KRC, July 1-3 2007. The theme of the workshop was Sustainable paddy farming in the Asian Monsoon Region with three sub them es: Productivity of paddy fields in the tidal area, Biodiversity in the paddy fields and Flood control in the paddy field.

The participants of the workshop were 120 persons including 25 overseas national delegates and 100 domestic participants. The 15 member countries: Japan, Malaysia, China, etc., and 10 speakers involved in the workshop and had active discussion after paper presentations and keynote speeches. Field trip to Saemangeum project site and a special session have been made. In the special session M. S. Patel, Secretary of Kalpasar project and department of water resources, gave a presentation on Kalpasar project in the Sinsi exhibition hall.

Out of the workshop, member countries reached consensus to continue to cooperate so that the peculiarity of the Asian monsoon area and paddy farming in the international society should be acknowledged.

(source: Korean Committee)