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E-Newsletter: Vol. 27

1. Reporting of the INWEPF 5th Steering Meeting and symposium

The INWEPF 5th Steering Meeting and Workshop was successfully held in Bali,
Indonesia from the 13th to the 15th November 2008. INWEPF Indonesian committee
hosted these events. The theme for this meeting and workshop is " Efficient
and sustainable Water Use to Address Poverty and Food Security ". A total of
about 70 participants from member countries attended.

For more information, please refer to :

(source: Japanese Committee)

2. Reporting of the 5th World Water Forum

The 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul was held in Istanbul, Turkey from March
16th to 22nd in 2009. About 30,000 people from about 192 countries participated
in it under the theme of “Bridging Divides for Water”.

For more information, please refer to :

(source: Japanese Committee)