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E-Newsletter: Vol. 28

1. 1st Announcement of the INWEPF 6th Steering Meeting and symposium

In the last steering meeting which was held in Indonesia, it was agreed that Japan would be the host country of the INWEPF 6th steering meeting in 2009. This is to let you know the outline of the INWEPF 6th Steering Meeting and symposium as shown below.

Date: 16-18 November, 2009

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

Program at a glance:
Day 1 (Monday, 16th November): Symposium
Tentative theme "The Value and Evaluation of the multiple functions in paddy fields" and "The method of supporting due to the spread of irrigation skills for paddy farming such as Participatory Irrigation Management"

Day 2 (Tuesday, 17th November): The Working Group meeting and the Steering meeting

Day 3 (Wednesday, 18th November): Field Trip

Secretariat: INWEPF Japanese committee
Hideki Furihata
Overseas Land Improvement Cooperation Office, Design Division,
Rural Infrastructure Department, Rural Development Bureau,
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Kasumigaseki 1-2-1, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 1008950
Tel: 03-3595-6339
Fax: 03-3592-1481

The INWEPF Japanese committee will get back the detailed information such as program and presenters. The INWEPF Japanese committee is looking forward to seeing you.

(source: Japanese Committee)