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E-Newsletter: Vol. 31

1. Report on National Symposium in Thailand

The joint symposium of 5th THAICID National Symposium and 1st Thailand INWEPF Symposium was held in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand on June 17, 2010.

The symposium was held under the theme of "Multiple Roles of Paddy Fields Related to Integrated Resources Management". Many guests including Mr. Theera Wongsamut, the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, and Mr. Chalit Damrongsak, the Director General of Royal Irrigation Department, were invited to the symposium. And over 150 people from universities and research institutes in Thailand participated in the symposium.

The symposium was closed successfully.

From Japan, Dr. Shiratani, Head of Laboratory of water Environment in National Institute for Rural Engineering, participated in the symposium and made a keynote speech titled "Sustainable Agriculture to Conserve Water Environment in Japan".

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(source: Thai Committee)