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E-Newsletter: Vol. 34

Information about 6th World Water Forum---2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting---


The 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting of 6th WWF was held in Paris on 17 and 18 January 2011.

At this meeting, more than 400 international experts participated and various comments related water issues were gathered. We took a comment at this meeting about preparing presentations as INWEPF in 6th WWF. 

12 Key Priorities and 3 Conditions for Success have been adopted for 6th WWF. Under each Key Priorities and Conditions for Success, a series of targets will be set by further discussion.

For more information, please refer to :
2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting


Materials of 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting


First announcement booklet



(source: Japanese Committee)


Information about 6th World Water Forum---12 Key Priorities and 3 Conditions for Success---

12 Key Priorities

・Guarantee access to water services for all and the Right to Water

・Guarantee access to integrated sanitation services for all

・Contribute to improved hygiene and health through water

・Protect populations and economies from risks

・Contribute to cooperation and peace

・Balance multiple uses

・Ensure food security

・Harmonize energy and water

・Protect and value ecosystem services and green growth

・Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems

・Adjust pressures and footprints of human activities on water

・Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanizing world



3 Conditions for Success

・Good governance

・Finance water for all

・Enabling environment



(source: Japanese Committee)