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E-Newsletter: Vol. 35

1st INWEPF Task Force Meeting for 6th World Water Forum --Information about the result-- 


1st INWEPF Task Force Meeting for 6th World Water Forum (WWF6) was held in Penang Island, Malaysia on3 and 4 March 2011.

At this meeting, task force members composed by Malaysia, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand and Japan discussed the principle and how to contribute from INWEPF for WWF6. This task force was formulated in order to accelerate the preparation of WWF6 at the INWEPF 7th steering meeting in October 2010, which was held in Jeju, Korea.



1) The result of 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting of WWF6

2)  Progress of each Working Group (WG) activities for WWF6

3) Schedule for WWF6 of each WG

4) Agenda of next INWEPF Task Force Meeting

5) Others (Program of 2nd Asia -Pacific Water Summit)


The results of 1st INWEPF Task Force Meeting

1.Principle for WWF6

  • Task force chose 28 targets as interests of INWEPF from temporary listed144 targets made by WWF6 council. These 28 targets are colored in green and yellow at Annex1(PDF:529KB).

-- 3 targets colored green had been already addressed to WWF6 council at the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting of WWF6. --


  • INWEPF will focus on appropriate target based on each concept of target which will be fixed in future.

-- From now on, these concepts of 144 targets may be fixed lead by WWF6 council. --


  • INWEPF will try to find another partner institution like FAO which have common interests at same target . And INWEPF will coordinate the way of presentation at WWF6 with that partner.


2.Operation for WWF6

  • INWEPF Japan committee will make the outline and basic concept for WWF 6 input base on the exchange of opinion with member countries


  • Each working group will make the outline of presentation document before the next task force meeting.


  • Task force team will exchange opinion about draft presentation documents to all INWEPF members by next INWEPF steering meeting which is planned in the end of October 2011.


3.Operation for 2nd Asia -Pacific Water Summit・Good governance

  • The session for INWEPF will be coordinated on 1st February during 2nd Asia -Pacific Water Summit which will be held from 30th January to 3rd February 2012. INWEPF plan to have presentations in the morning and have a meeting in the afternoon at the session on 1st February. 



  • 2nd task force meeting will be held in the first week of August 2011 in Thailand.
  • 8th INWEPF steering meeting will be held from the end of October to the beginning of November 2011 in Penang Island, Malaysia.





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