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The 10th INWEPF Steering Meeting and Symposium

The 10th INWEPF Steering Meeting and symposium were successfully held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the 5st to the 7rd November 2013 Hosted by INWEPF Thai Committee. Three keynote speeches and thirteen persons made presentation and 200 persons attended from INWEPF member countries, International organizations (FAO, IWMI, MRC), Research institutes and universities etc at symposium under the themes “Balancing between Food Safety and Food Security in Paddy Production ".

Summary of result

Day 1: 5 November 2013

The event began on 5st November 2013 with a Welcome address by Mr. Wichian Puttiwinyu, Governor of Chiang Mai Province. Next Opening address by Mr. Lertviroj Kowattana, Director General of Royal Irrigation Department and Opening remark by Dr. Jesda Kaewkulaya, Advisor to the Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

This was followed by three keynote speeches. The first was “Methane emission from flooded soils–from microorganisms to the atmosphere” by Prof. Dr. Ralf Conrad Max-Planck-Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Germany and the second was “Balancing food safety and food security for sustainable paddy farming” by Prof. Dr. Nobumasa Hatcho Kinki University, Japan and the third was “Smart farmer for water management” by Mr. Va-son Boonkird Chairman of INWEPF Thai Committee. After keynote speeches, symposium was held by 13 speakers related with the theme of “Balancing between Food Safety and Food Security in Paddy Production”.


Day 2: 6 November 2013

Has approved The Annual Action Plan for 2013-2014 and share of activities in 2012-2013.


Day 3: 7 November 2013

Field Visited the paddy farming area of Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Center and Alternative Wet and Dry Paddy Fields at Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.


The result of 10th INWEPF steering meeting

Steering meeting 1

Item 1:  Election of Chair person and adopt agenda

Mr. Va-son Boonkird (chairman of the INWEPF Thai Committee) was to be the chairperson in a unanimous decision along with the proposal from INWEPF Thai Committee, and Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong (Deputy Director General, Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR), Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MARD)) was elected for the vice chairperson.

And agenda of steering meeting was announced by the chairperson.

Item2: Report of INWEPF Activities in 2012-2013

Reported about activities which were done after the previous 9th steering meeting from delegates of Myanmar committee, the previous host nation.

Next Reported of results of the 2nd Asia-pacific Water Summit was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on May 16-21 from delegates of Japanese committee. 

Item3: Revise of Annual Action Plan (2013-2014) of each WG

Proposed revise of Annual Action Plan(2013-2014) from delegates of Japanese committee.

Item4:Working Group Discussion

Discussed the annual action plan 2013-2014 and share of results of activities 2012-2013 by Each WG.


Steering meeting 2

Item5: Presentation of WG activities and result of discussion on Annual Action Plan(2013-2014) 

After the WG Discussion, and reported the results from the reader country of each WG.

WG1: Mainly to investigate and research the monetary value evaluation of groundwater recharge function of the multifunctionality, In addition to , we discuss the multifunctionality at the culture/ tourism/ education, etc was agreed.

WG2: In order to transmit information to multifunctionality of paddy fields by utilizing Globally Important Agricultural Heritage systems (GIAHS) of the FAO, create a country report by the member countries etc, was agreed.

WG3: For the establishment of dissemination methods of participatory irrigation management by the South-South cooperation, Conduct South-South cooperation to African countries from Thailand, to create South-South cooperation guidelines as (tentative) the activity outcome etc, was agreed .

Item6: Revise of Annual Action Plan(2013-2014)

Discussion about “Third Phase Strategy & The Annual Action Plan(2013-2014)” was made based on the results of the each WG meetings, and the nearly draft was agreed.

Item7: Approval of hosting country for the 11th Steering Meeting

It was Approved that upcoming 11th INWEPF steering meeting in 2014 will be held in Vietnam.