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The 6th World Water Forum in Marseille

The 6th World Water Forum in Marseilles was held in France from March 12th to 17th in 2012. About 35,000 people from about 170 countries participated in it under the theme of “Time for Solution”.

INWEPF participated in the Asia Pacific Region's session 2.1 which was organized by FAO and ESCAP, held the workshop with ICID Japanese national committee and made booth in Japanese pavilion in order to introduce INWEPF activitie.

Participation at the Asia Pacific Region's session 2.1

Date : March 15th (Thursday), 11:00-13:00

Convener : FAO, ESCAP

Theme : Towards a new framework for action on water in green growth to support economic, food and water security in the Asia Pacific

Summary :

FAO advanced that “In order to realize the water security, the contribution from agricultural side, which use much water, is indispensable and the agricultural field need to tackle with the solution of water problems utilizing the regional network.”Then, Mr. NAITO, the secretary general of INWEPF Japanese committee, introduced activities of INWEPF under the theme of “Strengthen the relationship in Asian region” and conveyed "Message from the INWEPF to the 6th World Water Forum" at this session


Program of this session is attached(PDF:122KB)

Presentation material from INWEPF(PDF:664KB)


JNC-ICID, INWEPF Joint Workshop

Date : March 15th (Thursday), 15:30-17:30

Convener : INWEPF and ICID Japanese National committee


Summary :

As the Keynote speech, Prof Kim, ICID vice president and Mr. Shinsuke OTA, former ICID vice president, made presentations under the theme “Climate Change Adaptation for Irrigation and Drainage in Asia".

After that, Mr Mohd Yazid bin Abdullah from INWEPF Malaysia committee made presentation about “Guidelines for Monetary Assessment of Flood and Sediment Control in Paddy Field”, Mr. Kwang Ya Lee from INWEPF Korean committee made presentation about “How to balance productivity and environmental protection?” and Mr. Kunihiko Naito from INWEPF Japanese committee made presentation about “Guideline for PIM activities"


And INWEPF conveyed the “Message from the INWEPF to the 6th World Water Forum”.

More than 50 audiences participated in this workshop, and had a vigorous exchange of views among them


Program of this workshop is attached(PDF:66KB)

“Message from the INWEPF to the 6th World Water Forum” is attached(PDF:21KB)

Presentation material from INWEPF are attached

01Key note1(PDF:1,385KB)

02Key note2(PDF:1,964KB)




04.3INWEPF WG2(PDF:1,877KB)

04.4INWEPF WG2(PDF:1,595KB)



Installation of Booth

Date : March 12th – 17th

Venue :Booth in Japanese Pavilion

Summary :

We offered the poster and photographic information about “Guidelines for Monetary Assessment of Flood and Sediment Control in Paddy Field”, “Country Report on Balance between Productivity and Environmental Protection” and “Guideline for PIM activities” under the theme of "Paddy field farming in Japan and other Asian Monsoon region".



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