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Joint Symposium and The 7th steering meeting

INWEPF-PAWEES joint symposium and the 7th steering meeting were successfully held in Jeju , Republic Korea from the 27th to the 29th October 2010 by INWEPF Korean Committee. Eleven persons made presentation and more than 60 persons attended at INWEPF-PAWEES joint symposium under the themes "Climate change and Food security with sustainable agriculture" and "Sustainable irrigation techniques".

Summary of result

Day 1:  27 October 2010

The event began on 27th October 2010 with a Welcoming Ceremony and Opening Remarks by Mr. Hwang- Keun Chung, chariman of the INWEPF Korean Committee. This was followed by two keynote speeches. The first was “International cooperation for improvement of paddy field ecosystem” by Prof. Sun-Joo Kim of Konkuk University, Korea and next was “Necessity and methods for participatory irrigation management” by Prof. Masayoshi Satoh of Tsukuba University, Japan.                                                  

After keynote speeches, INWEPF-PAWEES joint symposium and each session for INWEPF and PAWEES were held.


Day 2: 28 October 2010

Further activities of 3 working groups reorganized in the INWEPF 6th steering meeting in November, 2009 were discussed at each working group meeting and such as strategic action plans were approved at 7th steering meeting .


Day 3: 29 October 2010

Participants visited to the sites of Panpo Rural Development Project, Panpo Wastewater Treatment Project Ongpo Agricultural Water Development Project in Jeju island


The result of 7th INWEPF steering meeting

Steering meeting 1

Item 1: Election of the Chairperson and the vice chairperson

Dr. Yoon, Chun Gyeong (Professor at Konkuk University, Korea) was to be the chairperson in a unanimous along with the proposal from INWEPF Korean Committee, and Mr. Mohd Yazid Bin Abdullah, (Principal Assistant Director Irrigation and Agricultural Drainage Division) was elected for the vice chairperson.

Item2: Report of the INWEPF activities 2009-2010


Delegates from Japan committee, the previous host nation, reported about activities which were done after the previous 6th steering meeting. The related activities of each WG are bellows;

  • WG1: The joint symposium of 5th THAICID National Symposium and 1st Thailand INWEPF Symposium was held in Thailand in June 2010. The Symposium was held under the theme of “Multiple Role of Paddy Fields Related to Integrated Resources Management. And also conducted field survey in Ifugao Rice terraces.
  • WG2: To start collect the country report of “balance between productivity and environment protection”.
  • WG3: To start the information about the system of Water Users Association in order to make guideline for PIM


Item3: Suggestion and discussion for direction for 2011

Introduction and suggestion on basic direction in the 2nd year of 2nd phase and preparation to WWF6 were made by Korea, hosting committee.

WG meeting

Each working group discussed about such as the TOR, strategic action plan of 2010-2011 and so on.


Steering meeting 2

Item4: Report from WG

After the WG meeting, the results of the WG meetings were reported by the chairperson of each group.

Item5: Report of ICID

A report of ICID in Indonesia was made briefly by the participants from Korea.

Item6: Report of Ministerial-meeting 2010

Results of APEC Japan 2010 Ministerial Meeting on Food Security in Niigata was presented by Japanese committee.

Item7: Discussion on strategic action plan for 2010-2011

Item8: Review of TOR for working group

Item9: Approval of next three years hosting country

It was agreed that upcoming INWEPF steering meeting as follows.8th INWEPF steering meeting :Malaysia

9th INWEPF steering meeting :Myanmar

10th INWEPF steering meeting :Thailand

Item10: Other business

For the preparation of the WWF6, task force team shall be formulated. The team is composed of 5 members: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand.