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FAO-Netherlands International Conference

"Water for Food and Ecosystems"

FAO and Netherlands co-organize an international conference, "Water for Food and Ecosystems", from January 31 to February 4, 2005 in Hague. The conference intends to promote the implementation of the exsisting international commitments on sustainable water use due consideration with food and ecosystems.

The objectives of FAO-Netherlands Conference is to promote sustainable management of water for food and ecosystems by cooperating with various stakeholders in order to facilitates sound, efficient and equitable decision making in the assessment, allocation and regulation of water resources.

The INWEPF will have a special session on February 1 at the conference to disseminate its message to the world. This will offer an opportunity to discuss the importance of accounting multiple services and externalities of paddy farming into the water management decision making.

Please refer to a leaflet of this session, "Water Governance for Holistic Values of Multi-functional Paddy Agriculture".

The leaflet in PDF format is also available.(PDF:21KB)

Japan INWEPF secretariat and two researchers from the INWEPF community will give presentations in this session;

Masao Matsumoto / Onodera Fumihiko
Japan INWEPF Secretariat
"Attributes of Paddy Water Management and Establishment of the INWEPF"(PDF:2,000KB)

David Groenfeldt,
Indigenous Water Initiative, U.S.A
"Multifunctionality of Agricultural Water: Looking Beyond Food Production and Ecosystem Service"(PDF:98KB) 

Kazumi Yamaoka,
Laboratory of Agricultural Water Management,
National Institute for Rural Engineering, Japan
"Applying the New Economy for the Sustainable Irrigated Paddy Rice Agriculture and Ecosystems"(PDF:406KB)
Presentation file in pdf format is available from here(PDF:873KB)

You can obtain more information about the conference from the website of "Water for Food and Ecosystems"

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