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i.P.U. Trading Co.,Ltd

Corporate name i.P.U. Trading Co.,Ltd
Contact Person Katsuharu Ichikawa
Correspondence language (except Japanese) English/Korean
Type of business Trader
Product category Agricultural products/Livestock products/Fishery products/Processed foods
Items Fruit/ Beef(leg)/ Freezing scallop adductor muscle/ dry scallop/abalone / sea cucumber/ dried fish/ salmon artefact / confectionery / kombu artefacts / wine / sake / beerlike/ verage / ice cream
Prefecture Hokkaido
Address CPO Box,145 ,Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone 81-11-584-3780
Fax 81-11-584-3782
URL http://www.ipu-trading.com/
Email N/A