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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Biological Diversity

Natural Capital
~To achieve successful economic cooperation in Biological Diversity Conservation~
   Natural capital is our asset.

   It is the resource of ecosystem services (Goods harvested from nature) to make our lives rich.

MAFF has prepared pamphlets summarizing the economic significance and value of conserving biodiversity in rural areas as “natural capital” and methods by which people in agriculture, forestry and fisheries and businesspeople, etc. can develop cooperative economic relationships. 

This pamphlet describes the many advantages available to agriculture, forestry and fisheries workers who engage in biodiversity conservation activities in cooperation with businesses, the public and local governments, etc. It also describes methods by which the above-mentioned workers can develop cooperative economic relationships with various other sectors. Examples of these are provided.

This pamphlet describes and gives examples of the many advantages available to businesspeople who engage in agriculture, forestry and fisheries-related biodiversity conservation activities from the perspectives of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and CSV (creating shared value).


Environment Policy Office,
Policy Planning Division