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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Character Size

Product Summary (Registration No.10)

Registration No.10 伊予生糸

Registered name (Transcription) : 伊予生糸 (Iyo Ito)、Iyo Raw Silk
Iyo Ito photo

Category of Product

Class 42 Raw Silk (Raw Silk of Domesticated Silkworms)

Production Area

Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture

Registered Group

Ehime Seiyo  Sericulture Industry Promotion Association


Iyo Raw Silk has a classy gloss and airy texture. It is bulky as threads are carefully and slowly extracted from cocoons and thus maintains the original “S-shaped” waves that created by silkworms.

Link with the Production Area

Seiyo City is a unique production area as it uses multi-strand reeling machines that reel from a large number of cocoons at low speed while suppressing tension by a raw-crocheting method, and the area also uses raw cocoons that are kept refrigerated.


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