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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Character Size

Product Summary (Registration No.17)

Registration No.17 加賀丸いも

Registered name (Transcription) : 加賀丸いも (Kaga Maruimo)、KAGA MARUIMO
Reference information : Kaga Japanese Yam

Category of Product

Class 2 Vegetables (Japanese Yam)

Production Area

Nomi City, and Takandō Town, Noda Town and Hitotsuhari Town in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Registered Group

Minami Kaga Area Maruimo Production Association


Kaga Maruimo is a round shaped Japanese yam and the size is about that of softball. It is known as a delicacy. The yam has a high glutinous content and low moisture, and it becomes very sticky when grated. It has a distinctive yam flavor and frequently used as an ingredient for wide varieties of processed foods.

Link with the Production Area

Farmers started to cultivate the Japanese yam in a paddy field, in which river sand was flowed by the Tedori River flood in 1934. Consequently, the shape of yams cultivated in this paddy field has become round. The unique condition of the soil - the original soil of the paddy field combined with the river sand - is suitable for cultivating large and round shaped Japanese yams.


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