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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Product Summary (Registration No.22)

Registration No.22 くにさき七島藺表

Registered name (Transcription) : くにさき七島藺表 (Kunisaki Shichitoui Omote)
Reference information : Kunisaki Shichitoui Tatami Facing
Kunisaki Shichitoui Omote photo

Category of Product

Class 41 Tatami rush (Shichitoui Tatami Facing)

Production Area

Kunisaki City and Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture

Registered Group

Kunisaki Shichitoui Promotion Association


Kunisaki Shichitoui Omote is a tatami facing using subtropical plant, Shichitoui grass (Cyperus monophyllus Vahl). The material and the method of weaving is distinct from regular tatami facings using rush (Igusa). The product has outstanding durability and it is resilient to fire. The appearance is simple and natural due to the woven method. Its unique features are highly evaluated, leading to a great number of orders from all over the country.

Link with the Production Area

Shichitoui rush cultivation has started approximately 350 years ago. The cuItivation was encouraged by the domains governed the region, and it became an important industry of this area. “Kunisaki Shichitoui Promotion Association”, established by producers, tatami stores, wholesalers, etc., promotes and fosters the Shichitoui-culture and supports for new producers.


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