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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Product Summary (Registration No.23)

Registration No.23 十三湖産大和しじみ

Registered name (Transcription) : 十三湖産大和しじみ (Jusanko san Yamato Shijimi)、Jusankosan Yamato Shijimi
Reference information : Jusanko Freshwater clam
Jusankosan Yamato Shijimi photo

Category of product

Class 11 Shellfish (Freshwater clam)

Producing area

Goshogawara City (including Jusanko Lake), Tsugaru City, and Nakadomari Town in Kitatsugaru County, all in Aomori Prefecture

Registered Group

Jusan Marine Cooperative


Yamato shijimi (Freshwater clam; Corbicula japonica) caught in Jusanko Lake, provides excellent conditions. Suitable for soup broth as it produces rich flavor and umami taste.Stable supply throughout the year and its high‐quality characteristics are also highly valued by the market.

Link with the local area

The Jusanko lake is a leading area of freshwater clam catching in the nation. The production of “Jusankosan Yamato Shijimi” has started at least from the Meiji Period (about 130 years ago). Stable production of the product is possible due to operators continuous effort of resource management.


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