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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Product Summary (Registration No.6)

Registration No.6 江戸崎かぼちゃ

Registered name (Transcription) : 江戸崎かぼちゃ (Edosaki Kabocha)、江戸崎カボチャ (Edosaki Kabocha)、江戸崎南瓜 (Edosaki Kabocha)
Reference information : Edosaki Squash
Edosaki Kabocha

Category of Product

Class 2 Vegetables (Squash)

Production Area

Inashiki City and Katsuracho in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Registered Group

JA Inashiki (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)


Edosaki Kabocha is a squash which is harvested after it is fully ripened Generally, Edosaki Kabocha is harvested after 55 days since the plant bears the squash. Therefore, it has soft and fresh-baked texture with rich sweetness. Its rind is deep green with a rough surface and the flesh inside has deep orange color.

Link with the Production Area

The producing area has volcanic ash soil (Kanto loam layer) having a high drainage and also it gets moderate rainfall throughout a year. Since the squash is vulnerable to over-humidity, this area is suitable for squash production. Producers have maintained their strict cultivation and field control for over 50 years, which enabled the area to harvest fully ripened Edosaki Kabocha.


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