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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Product Summary (Registration No.8)

Registration No.8 くまもと県産い草

Registered name (Transcription) : くまもと県産い草 (Kumamoto Kensan Igusa)
Reference information : KUMAMOTO‐IGUSA、KUMAMOTO‐RUSH
Kumamoto Kensan Igusa photo

Category of Product

Class 4 Other Products of Agricultural Origin (Including Crafts) (Rush)

Production Area

Yatsushiro City, Hikawa Town in Yatsushiro County, Uki City, Asagiri Town in Kuma County, Kumamoto Prefecture

Registered Group

JA Yatsushiro, JA Kumamoto Uki, JA Kuma (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)


KUMAMOTO-RUSH is a high quality rush of three varieties that are designated as superior variety by Kumamoto Prefecture. The color and the gloss of rush are toned by traditional “Dorozome” (mud-dying) method. The rush has long stem and suitable for tatami facing weaving.

Link with the Production Area

The cultivation of three varieties (Hinomidori, Yuunagi, and Hinoharuka) are permitted to only producers in the production area. The Dorozome method (immersing the rush into solution of natural soil immediately after the harvest. It enables to dry evenly, suppress the damage, and tone the gloss and color) has been established as an efficient production technique in the course of the long history of KUMAMOTO-RUSH cultivation.


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