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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Product Summary (Registration No.9)

Registration No.9 くまもと県産い草畳表

Registered name (Transcription) : くまもと県産い草畳表 (Kumamoto Ken san Igusa Tatami Omote)、KUMAMOTO-IGUSA-TATAMI-OMOTE、KUMAMOTO-RUSH-MATS
Kumamoto Kensan Igusa Tatami‐omote photo

Category of Product

Class 41 Tatami Rush (Rush Tatami Facing)

Production Area

Yatsushiro City, Hikawa Town in Yatsushiro County, Uki City, Asagiri Town in Kuma County, Kumamoto Prefecture

Registered Group

JA Yatsushiro‐Area, JA Kumamoto‐Uki, JA Kuma‐Area (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)


KUMAMOTO-IGUSA-TATAMI-OMOTE is a high quality tatami facing of rush that are dyed by mud. Producers are involved in full production process from cultivation of rush to weaving. By using the same length of rush, the color and other varietal characteristics in the facing become beautifully unitary.

Link with the Production Area

The process of entire production (cultivation, processing and weaving) has developed in the geographical area as the area started cultivation of rush. The tatami facing production became the main local industry, and by 1970, the area evolved as the top tatami facing production site in Japan.


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