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The Damage and Measure of The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake-7

  Brief Summary of the 7th Earthquake Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters Meeting of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

 1. Transportation for emergency foods

    With regard to transportation of emergency supply such as food stuff, MAFF secures smooth emergency foods transit by the issue of emergency transit car pass.
    (1) Subject car
        The car that meets all following requirements
    ・ Transit of foods or daily staffs includes fuels (only the one actually loaded).
    ・ Company’s use
     ・ The destination is Miyagi prefecture or the more north.
    (2) Issue place
     ・ In principle, a police station

    (3) Validity term
     ・ 1 month


 2. Securing situation of the main foods so far

    Measures to the request up to March 12, 2011 (800,000 foods and 270,000 bottles of drinking water)
   (1) Distributed or transporting now
     ・ 390,000 foods and 120,000 bottles of drinking water for Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefecture
        【Breakdown according to prefecture】

    ○ Iwate prefecture
        50,000 foods (20,000 instant noodles, 10,000 breads, 10,000 instant rice, 10,000 canned foods)
    ○ Miyagi prefecture
      280,000 foods (260,000 breads, 4,000 rice balls, 15,000 instant noodles)
      17,000 bottles of drinking water
    ○ Fukushima prefecture
      63,000 foods (instant noodles)
    101,000 bottles of drink

   (2) Adjusting or preparing for transportation
     410,000 foods (in preparation for transportation), 150,000 bottles of drinking water (adjusting) for Miyagi and Fukushima prefecture  
        【Breakdown according to prefecture】

   ○ Miyagi prefecture
    380,000 foods (230,000 breads, 150,000 instant rice)
    150,000 bottles of drinking water
   ○ Fukushima prefecture
   33,000 foods (18,000 breads, 15,000 rice balls etc.)

   On March 13th 2011, Nissin Food Holdings  offered to provide 1.000,000 instant noodles to stricken area and to send 7 kitchen cars to the area.


 3. About fishery

     ・9 fisheries inspection vessels, going to the coast of Tohoku to grasp the damage situation and rescue stricken area, were directed. Now they are sailing to the port that the Japan coast guard specified. 3 boats of them have already arrived at stricken area, and are conducting rescue and investigation of damage.
     ・3 fisheries patrol and inspection vessels, for the preparation to operate the transportation of the assistance goods, were directed.
     ・Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ms. Tanabu visited to investigate the damage of fishing port and fishing village by fisheries inspection air plane.


 4. Supporting stricken area by MAFF

     ・The MAFF staffs in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima prefecture cooperate with Prefecture and Municipal government in supporting disaster emergency food measures.
     ・Tohoku Regional Agricultural Administration Office, Tohoku-Kanto Regional Forest Office, Local Agricultural Administration Offices, Governmental Project Offices cooperate with these governmental headquarters  on emergency measures and conduct necessary support.
     ・Strengthening of system of announcing to public
         Promote MAFF home page about the earth quake


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