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The Damages caused by The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Actions taken by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries-9

Brief Summary of the 9th Earthquake Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters Meeting of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Measure of emergency food supply

   1. Request (as of March 13)
       Food 1,720 thousand meals
       Drinking water 1,470 thousand bottles

   (1) Already delivered or on transit

      Iwate prefecture
         Food 100 thousand meals (Cup noodle, Breads, Cooked rice pack, Canned food )
       Drinking water 50 thousand bottles

     Miyagi prefecture
         Food 510 thousand meals (Breads, Rice ball, Cup noodle, Cooked rice pack)
       Drinking water 556 thousand bottles

     Fukushima prefecture
         Food 76 thousand meals (Breads, Rice ball, Cup noodle)
       Drinking water 101 thousand bottles

       Food 690 thousand meals
       Drinking water 710 thousand bottles


    (2) Under preparationfor transit
     Iwate prefecture
         Food 200 thousand meals ( Breads, Cup noodle, Cooked rice pack)
       Drinking water 50 thousand bottles

     Miyagi prefecture
         Food 200 thousand meals (Cup noodle, Milled Rice)
       Drinking water 80 thousand bottles

     Fukushima prefecture
         Food 633 thousand meals (Bread, Rice ball)
       Drinking water 633 thousand bottles

         Food 1,030 thousand meals
       Drinking water 760 thousand bottles


   2. Other information
   (1) NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD offered to donate a million of Cup noodle and to dispatch 7 vehicles with kitchen.

   (2) MAFF is considering some new methods to supply food for people in the disaster area.

   (3)Food can be prepared

           Rice ball, box lunch: 1,100thousand meals per day (41 companies)
           Drinking water: 3,730 thousand litter (9 companies)
           Breads: 360 thousand meals (6 companies)
         Instant noodle: 1,880 thousand meals ( 5 companies)
         Powdered milk for babies: 168 ton ( 3 companies)
         Milled Rice 1,670-1,790 ton (11 - 12 million meals, 11 companies)

Forestry Issues

       Confirmed damage of Forest:74 areas, 4.9 billion yen in 7 prefectures
         Confirmed damage of forest road: 77 sights, 0.1 billion yen 

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