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The Damages caused by The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Actions taken by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries -10

1 Measure of emergency food supply
  1 Requested Food Quantity (as of 9:00 am, March 15, attended by MAFF)
    Food 2,730 thousands meals
    Drinking water 1,780 thousand bottles
    Powdered milk for babies 7 ton

   (1) Already delivered or on transit
      Aomori prefecture
        Food 5 thousands meals (Rice porridge)


      Iwate prefecture
          Food 256 thousands meals (Cup noodle, Breads, Cooked rice pack, Canned food)
          Drinking water 50 thousands bottles


     Miyagi prefecture
          Food 822 thousands meals (Breads, Rice ball, Cup noodle, Cooked rice pack)
          Drinking water 550 thousands bottles
        Powdered milk for babies 7 ton

    Yamagata pewfecture
           Food 2 thousands meals (Rice porridge)


     Fukushima pewfwcture
          Food 150 thousands meal (Breads, Rice ball, Cup noodle)
        Drinking water 101 thousands bottles

        Food 1,235 thousands meals
        Drinking water 701 thousands bottles
        Powdered milk for babies 7 ton
(2) Under preparation for transit

   (2) Under preparation for transit

     Iwate prefecture
          Food 272 thousands meals (Cup noodle, Breads, Cooked rice pack, Canned food, etc.)
        Drinking water 50 thousands bottles

     Miyagi prefecture
         Food 291 thousands meals (Breads, Rice ball, Cup noodle, Cooked rice pack)
       Drinking water 300 thousands bottles

     Fukushima prefecture
         Food 633 thousands meals (Breads, Rice ball, Cup noodle, Cooked rice pack)
       Drinking water 633 thousands bottles

     Ibaraki prefecture
         Food 89 thousands meals
       Drinking water 91 thousands bottles

       Food 210 thousands meals

       Food 1,495 thousands meals
       Drinking water 1,074 thousands bottles


    (3) As of (1) and (2) mentioned above, MAFF vessel and helicopter transportation
       - On transit (by Toko Maru vessel)
            Food for Tohoku District, Powdered milk for babies 7 ton for Miyagi prefecture
       - Under preparation for transit(Hakuryu Maru and Kaiyo Maru vessel, Chartered Helicopteer)
            Food 210 thousands meals and Powdered milk for babies for Tohoku District 


   2 Other information
    (1) 22 private companies offered food 2,320 thousands meals, drinking water 300 thousands bottles, 8 kitchen cars.(Other than this offer, a lot of companies are voluntarily offering assistance.)

    (2) Food can be prepared

           Rice ball, Box lunch: 1,590 thousands meals per day (64 companies, etc.)
          Drinking water: 5,580 thousands litter per day(17 companies)
           Breads: 360 thousands meals (6 companies)
           Instant noodles: 1,880 thousands meals (5 companies)
           Powdered milk for babies: 168 ton (3 companies)
           Rice cakes: 20 thousands packs (14 companies)
           Canned food, Instant food: 790 thousands (8 companies)
           Milled rice: 1,670 – 1,790 ton (1.1 – 1.2 million meals, 11 companies)


     2 Sending a “Rice Ball Truck”
       1 On March 14th, the Rice Ball Truck with rice cooking equipment, sponsored by Japan Rice Cooking Association, arrived at Ishinomaki sports park in Iwate prefecture and distributed 1000 rice balls.
       2 From March 16th, rice cooking has started by using the equipment of the truck and,MAFF is to deliver washed rice, contributed by Agri-Bank Co, for the truck.
          The truck carries rice cooking equipment(able to cook 250kg of rice,1000 meals/ hour )and automatic rice ball making machine(able to make 100meals/hour).

 3 Supply of rice for consumers
          Rice demand and supply from July 2010 to June 2011is as follows.
              Private sector stock (June 30, 2010) – A                1,890 thousand ton
                 Rice production (harvested in 2010) – B                8,240 thousand ton
          Supply total – C = A + B                             10,130 thousand ton
        Demand perspective (July 2010 June 2011) – D        8,110 thousands ton
            Private sector stock perspective (June 30, 2011) C– D    2,020 thousands ton
           (In addition, Governmental stock perspective             920 thousand ton)

     As above mentioned, Japan have enough rice supply for rice demand.
    Therefore, the current rice shortage situation at the retail level will be mitigated as distribution system is recovered.
    MAFF would like to request consumers calmness without rushing to stock up rice.


     4 The damages and measures in the fisheries sector

        1 Measure by Fisheries Agency

      (1) Hakuryu Maru left from Tokyo for Tohoku region with supplies:

          Powder milk(8,000 cans),Cup soup(100 thousand meals),
          rice porridge(8 thousand meals),water(1000 tons),light oil(120kl)

      (2) Kaiyo Maru left from Tokyo with supplies:
          Instant noodle (80 thousand meals), powder milk (8 thousand cans), rice bread (13 thousand meals)

         2 Other information
      (1) On March 15, based on the request by Miyagi prefectural government, MAFF delivered 14kl of fuel oil to Marumori prefectural hospital, and delivered the oil to another hospital.
      (2) National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations delivered supplies to Iwate prefecture by truck:
          Cup noodle, Breads, Canned food, Juice, Thermal socks, Towels


     5 Measures for damages on agriculutural facilities
        1 MAFF dispatched official to Fukushima prefecture for emergency investigation on damaged agricultural dams. (March 12th~13th )
        2 MAFF transferred 14 emergency pumps for farm land flood of MAFF to Fukushima and Miyagi prefecture. (March 14th)




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