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The Damages caused by The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Actions taken by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries -12

1.Current situation of  assistance supplies transfer by fishery survey/oversight vessel of Fisheries Agency(as of March 17)

  1.(Hakuryu Maru vessel, 1,299 t)

   Following supplies  were landed on March 17 at Fukkiura area, Oshika peninsula,

    and delivered to the residents living in the vicinity.

     -Powdered milk for bebies (2,400 cans), Cup soup (6,000 packs), Rice porridge (900 packs),

      Light oil (2,660 litter)
      The vessel will move to the other areas after March 18, and the supplies will be continued to be landed.


2.(Toko Maru vessel, 2,071 t)

   8,000 cans of Powdered milk for bebies were landed on March 17 at Kamaishi Port.

     The cans of Powdered milk were then delivered to the 4 sites (Miyako, Kamaishi, Ofunato, and Rikuzentakata) by the vehicles of the Self Defense Force upon request of Iwate Prefecture.

      2,260 litter of light oil was also supplied to the emergency vehicles,tracks, etc.

      After March 18, the vessel will move to the other areas and the supplies will be continued to be landed.


2.Emergency relief supplies (charcoal, etc.)

1. Summary

Responding to the damage of the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake,Forestry Agency had offered assistance for needs of charcoal and briquette to the relevant organizations on March 11As the result of that, Forestry Agency is currently able to provide 267 ton of charcoal and 750 portable cooking stoves by responding the request of local governments which have been suffered by the disaster. Out  of this assistance,10 ton of charcoal and 300 portable cooking stoves were allocated to Ishinomaki City and Kesennuma City,Miyagi Prefecture and arrived there in the morning of March17.
 The charcoal and portable cooking stoves are used for the purpose of heating and cooking by the people who evacuated at the shelter.
 Forestry Agency will keep making an effort to provide charcoal and related supplies according to the request of people at the damaged area by collaborating with relevant organizations.


2. Contents of Assistance

     Ishinomaki City:delivered at 7:00, March 17

        Charcoal ( 5 ton )
        Portable cooking stove(150)

     Kesennuma City: delivered at 10:00,March 17
        Charcoal (5 ton)
        Portable cooking stove (150)

3. Others  

           It is required to read the manual below carefully for proper use of the portable cooking stove. It should be ventilated when using the stove inside the room.



           Precaution for use of charcoal stove
           “Open a window to let fresh air in”
               1. Control fire power and duration by ventilation hole
               2. Ignite charcoal outdoors with ventilation hole fully opened.
                 Please bring the stove indoors after charcoal is sufficiently ignited.
               3. Open window to let fresh air in 2 to 3 times every hour while the stove is in use.
               4. More carbon monoxide may be generated if a stove is used with ventilation hole closed. Be sure to open a window to change air.
               5. Put the stove in a safe place outdoors before going to bed.
               6. Do not put the stove directly on any thing flammable, such as tatami and carpet because bottom part of the stove gets quite hot.
               7. Use cotton work gloves when holding and moving the stove. Do not use gloves of chemical fibers or rubber.
               8. Do not use the stove in poorly-ventilated places, such as a closed room and in a car.
               9.  Check regularly the condition of the stove. Replace the stove and/or its part if they are worn-out.

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