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Questions and answers on floricultural products(April 18)

In relation to the detection of radioactive materials from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant surrounding areas, we have received questions on its influence on floricultural products, as follows.

Q.   Is it safe to buy Japanese floricultural products being sold in markets?
A.Japan is an archipelago stretching over 3,000 kilometers (2,000 miles) from northeast to southwest. The radiation-contaminated area is limited to a part of northeast region of Japan.







Providing that you put flowers and/or garden plants contaminated at a level of 54.1 kilobequrels(kBq)* 1 meter away from you for 2 months, the estimated radiation dose is 0.003 millisievert (mSv).

*54.1 kBq is the maximum contamination level of vegetables (spinach/ kilogram) ever detected (in Fukushima prefecture).

This level is quite low compared with 2.4 mSv a year, the average natural exposure to radiation of the world.


 ** The exposure to radiation is categorized as internal exposure or external exposure.
     The exposure from the flowers is external exposure.



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