Table-11 Latest Results of Research and Development Given High Expectation to

On-Farm Practical Use


to regional


(Cultivation technique)
Soil-borne disease prevention technique for
potatoes, which adopts the paper-tube style transplanting culture 
Hokkaido Agricultural Experimental Station


(Cultivation technique)
Between-stand sowing technique enabling three
croppings in two years of wheat and soybeans in
cold areas
Tohoku Agricultural Experimental Station


(Cultivation technique)
Nematode disease prevention method by crop rotations of radishes, taro potatoes, and green soybeans
Agricultural Research Center

(Cultivation technique)
Labor-saving harvesting control methods with simultaneous packing of strawberries
Shizuoka Agricultural Experimental Station

New variety of Kyoho grape good at pigmentation even in hot districts
Fruits Experimental Station

Wheat variety enabling before-rainy season harvesting by early seeding
Kyushu Agricultural Experimental Station
Storage technologies

Fruit storage method of cold temperature and high moisture, enabling freshness to be preserved five times longer than conventional methodsFruits Experimental Station
conservation technologies
Disposal method of livestock barn sewage at low running cost by using methane fermentationLivestock Experimental Station

 Source: The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


Table-12 Results of Genetic Modification Technology Highly Expected to Contribute

to Food and Environmental Problems

DescriptionExpected resultsInstitute or Country
Salt-resistant rice
Increased production (Planting in unworkable soilNagoya University (Japan)
Rice cultivable in alkaline soil
Increased production (Planting in unworkable soil)Tokyo University and others (Japan)
Rice with enhanced photosynthetic capacityIncreased production (Increased yield)
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)
β-carotene contained rice
Improved malnutrition in developing countriesSwitzerland (EU)
Rice with low allergens
Improved nutritional aspects of allergic patientsPrivate company (Japan)

 Source: The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries