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Tonkatsu ("pork cutlet") are thick slices of pork that are breaded and deep fried in a manner similar to German schnitzel. They are typically made from two cuts of pork: the lean and tender hire (tenderloin or filet) and the fattier rosu (loin). While tonkatsu is by far the most popular katsu dish, there are other variations made of chicken (chikinkatsu), beef (gyukatsu), ham (hamukatsu) and ground meat (menchikatsu).

Tonkatsu are usually served as a set meal (teishoku) with shredded cabbage, rice, miso soup and pickles. Diners can usually choose which cut they want (hire or rosu) when ordering. The slices of tonkatsu are eaten seasoned with mustard and a thickened type of Worcestershire sauce (tonkatsu sauce), which can either be drizzled over the tonkatsu or poured on the side for dipping. 

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