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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Carefully nurtured appeal both for the eyes and the palate.

With excellent skill and know-how, growers maximize the delicious qualities of fruit.

Fruit growers in Japan conduct dedicated research into fruit characteristics and the seasons and base their fruit growing activities on this research. They invest a large amount of time and cost in growing just one final product. For example, they might remove numerous buds from a single branch of a peach, pear or apple tree to ensure that a lot of nutrition goes to just one piece of fruit. By carefully nurturing the fruit through a combination of manual care and knowledge, growers produce fruit that is very juicy and sweet, as if sugar had been added to it.

Fruit are carefully wrapped one by one to preserve quality and then transported.

Harvesting fruit at the peak of seasonal ripeness.

In Japan, the seasons and climate mean that various types of fruit appear at different times. For fruit, the great difference between summer and winter temperatures and the plentiful, quality water produce a delicious taste, juiciness and nutrients. This fruit, which has so fully reaped the benefits of nature, is harvested when judged most suitable by growers. For example, greenhouse melon growers judge peak ripeness on the basis of fruit size, weight, skin pattern and softness as well as stem thickness and leaf luster.

Advanced production and transportation techniques that delight the customer.

To ensure that high-quality fruit is delivered at the best time for eating, growers have introduced techniques that allow them to use laser scanning with computers to assess acid degree, sugar content and weight. Beautifully arranged fruit at their peak of ripeness is also highly prized overseas as gifts.

“Flavor that conveys the ‘soul’ of the grower”

Through detailed research and painstaking effort, Japanese fruit growers have succeeded in extracting the optimal delicious quality of fruit.

Frankie P. Wu

(President, Aji-No-Chinmi Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Chairman, Hong Kong Japanese Restaurant Association Recipient of Award for Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food 2006)