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Japanese Rice Flour

Japanese Rice Flour “Komeko” 

 Rice flour made from Japanese rice had been traditionally used for Japanese sweets “Wagashi” and rice crackers “Senbei” for centuries.
And during recent years, Japanese rice flour has started to be used for bread, cake or noodles as flour milling technology has advanced.  
Bread and noodles made of rice flour are sticky and moist. In addition, rice flour is also ideal for making tempura because it has crispy texture when baked or fried.  
Japanese rice flour is classified into three categories: “for confectionery and cooking”, “for bread” and “for noodles” in a user-friendly manner.  
In addition, “Non-Gluten” rice flour, which clears the stricter standards compared to “Gluten-Free” rice flour, was newly introduced. Under the third-party certification system, rice flour with a gluten content of “1ppm” or less is certified as “Non-Gluten” rice flour and allowed to use a “Non-Gluten” certification mark.

Japanese Rice flour recipe video

Introducing 8 types of recipes for 1.confectionery 2.bread 3.noodles. Please watch!

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