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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Organic Agriculture

This page contains information of organic agriculture in Japan.

Organic Agriculture and Organic Agricultural Products

What is organic agriculture position in sustainable agriculture in Japan?

 Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agroecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. The "Principles of Production" of organic agriculture is specified in the "Guidelines *1" prepared by an international committee (Codex Alimentarius Commission*2).
 Under the “Act on the promotion of Organic Agriculture (Act No. 112 of 2006)”, organic agriculture in Japan is defined as “the farming methods which reduce load on the environment derived from agricultural production as much as possible, basically does not use chemically synthesized fertilizers and pesticides nor genetic recombination technologies”.

*1: Guidelines for Production, Processing, Labeling and Sales of Organically Produced Food (CAC / GL32-1999)
*2: The Codex Alimentarius Commission is an international body, established by the FAO and WHO in 1963 and intended to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the food trade, etc. It undertakes work to prepare international food standards, etc. and Japan has been a member since 1966.

What is Organic Agricultural Products?

 Organic Agricultural Products are agricultural products produced in accordance with the standards of the "Japanese Agricultural Standard for Organic Plants".
 Example of "Japanese Agricultural Standard for Organic Plants":

  • The necessary measures shall be taken in fields, so as to prevent prohibited substances from drifting and flowing from surrounding areas.
  • Chemical synthetic fertilizers or substances for plant pest and disease control shall not be used for no less than two years before the sowing or planting.
  • Recombinant DNA technology or ionizing radiation shall not be excused. etc.

 What are Organic Agriculture / Organic Agricultural Products? (PDF : 637KB)

Current State of Organic Agriculture

Please click here to see the information about the current state of organic agriculture in Japan.
“Current Situation and Policy on Organic Agriculture in Japan”(PDF : 2,007KB)

Information on Measures

The Act / Basic direction

 To promote organic agriculture, the "Act on the promotion of Organic Agriculture" was enacted in 2006.
 Based on Article 6 of the Act, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries established the "Basic policy on promotion of Organic Agriculture".


Overview of budget on the FY 2019(promotion of organic agriculture)(PDF : 339KB)

Certification System for Organic Products (Organic JAS System)

Please click here to get the information of organic JAS system.

[Organic JAS Standards]